About Me


My love for photography started when I was on the yearbook staff in high school. I loved taking pictures of my classmates just being themselves. I then joined a photography club and learned the magic of the dark room and manipulating photos. After high school I worked for a children’s photographer and really enjoyed the challenge of getting the little ones to show their personalities.

I then put my love of photography on hold to explore other avenues in my twenties. I was a makeup artist for runway shows as well as a guitar player in an all girl rock band! Somewhere in the middle of all my exploring I managed to land a great career in the insurance industry and met my amazing husband.We spent 8 years traveling the world and making amazing memories.

Then something life changing happened. This free spirited ex-rock star was becoming a Mommy! I gathered up all my gift cards and bought the nicest camera I could afford. I wanted to capture every moment of my son’s life. Being the middle child that I am, I have always complained that there aren’t enough pictures of me. I would not let this be the case with my children.

As I  began capturing precious moments of my little boy, it brought back my love and passion for photography. Now, I am a proud mommy of THREE boys and it just keeps getting better. I am truly inspired by families during all their different milestones. Whether it is an exciting announcement, a growing belly, a family loving family, or even the magic of a new baby…. I want to capture it. There is nothing more rewarding than providing a family with photographs that they will hang on their walls and cherish for a lifetime. I am inspired by love and all its perfection…and imperfections. I would be honored to capture your families love in a way that is unique to your family. Contact me for a session today.

Love, Tera